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Free gift card promotions have become so successful that Northern Tool + Equipment now run two of these promotions each year.

The promotion is marketed through email campaigns, homepage slides, site-wide banners, product description page messaging, and affiliate banners.

Making tweaks and adjustment to different aspects of the promotion has continued to have a positive impact on sales. I suggested adding a message next to the Add To Cart button which communicated to consumers how close they were to receiving the next tier of value. This increased sales 12% overnight, and has since been used on each FGC campaign since.


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we were quick to react by building a landing page that featured key cleaning and disinfecting products. In addition to this, "Playbooks" were featured at the top of the landing page to help consumers decide which products worked best for each scenario such as schools, and retail stores. Extra links were included to external sources such as WHO, and CDC making the page a one-stop-shop for supplies and up to date information.

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